Slumber Party Theme 

Have the girls start the night by making a bear, or animal of their choice, that they want to have a sleepover with! We have silk pajamas, blankets, or boxers and a t-shirt. Keep in mind, you can choose to dress whatever animal you would like, in anything you would like. It's your furry friend! Whichever your child chooses, their party will be extra special! 

Teddy Bear Picnic Theme

Make your own furry bear friends and host a tea party for them!

Pool Party Theme

Gather up a mixture of animals and buy bikinis, swim trunks, and glasses for them to chill by the pool!

Princess Party Theme

Create a furry unicorn friend, and dress them in a beautiful princess ball gown! Or, add frogs and dress them in tuxedos!

Safari Party Theme

Create an elephant, tiger, leopard, monkey and/or giraffe and have a safari party! We even have little army outfits for your furry friend!